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Sental Serum

Sental Serum

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This highly concentrated antioxidant plant oil based serum not only addresses sensitivity, but will quickly restore the replica orologi skin’s moisture level. This intense anti inflammatory restorative serum will also assist in reducing the effects of wind burn, sunburn, hair removal and acne marks.


 Recommended For normal to Dry and sensitive skins
 Action - Anti-inflammatory
- Calming and moisturizing.
- Reduces the irritating effects of sunburn, hair removal and peeling
- Anti-oxidant, fights free radicals
Hazelnut Oil Natural moisturiser and softener, rich in vitamins
St Johns Wort Oil Regenerative, moisturising, anti-aging, protective, soothing
Pilewort Extract Soothing, reduces redness and blotchiness
Vitamin A & E Anti-oxidant, encourages healing, Fights free radicals, restorative
Evening Primrose Oil Vitamin F moisturising
Shea Butter Anti-inflammatory, Vitamin E, moisturising
A Bisabolo Reduces inflammation, soothing, healing, protective
Home care: Shake well and apply film to face and neck. Lightly massage into skin. Use day and/or night. Can alternate with cream. For rough, scaly skin, mix 3ml with Sental Reducing Night Cream.
Salon care: Post electrolysis/massage
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