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Hydratal Serum

Hydratal Serum

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This rich highly concentrated formulation produces moisturising, regenerative and firming actions. The combined anti-oxidants will help provide protection against environmental effects.


 Recommended For normal, dry and combination skins
 Action - Firming and hydrating
- Extremely effective moisturising effects
- Anti-oxidants, fights free radicals
- Restorative properties
Triglyceride Oils Moisturising
Aloe Vera Gel Hydrating, soothing
Amino Acid Complex Moisturising, hydrating, maintains skins hydrolipidic level
DNA Restorative, hydrates
B Glucans Revitalises
Vitamin E & A Fights free radicals, restorative
Home care: On a clean bare skin, apply 2 ml of serum to the face and neck and tap lightly into skin. Can be used every other day for a period of one week as a special skin care treatment.
Booster treatment: every 2 - 3 months. Can also be used as an eye contour and lip serum.
Salon care: Galvanic and high frequency application
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