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Hydratal Nourishing Night Cream

Hydratal Nourishing Night Cream

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This nutritive cream can effectively assist in treating dry and dehydrated conditions. Overnight this treatment cream will help boost the skins own ability to improve elasticity and regeneration. It will reveal a fresh luminous complexion when you awake in the morning.


 Recommended For normal, dry and combination skins
 Action - nutritive for dry & dehydrated skins
- Improves skins elasticity
- Repairs the hydro lipid film
- Leave skin softer, smoother and more supple
Triglyceride Oils Moisturising
Vitamin E Anti-oxidant, encourages healing
Vitamin A Fights free radicals, restorative
Lime Blossom Extract Calming, soothing agent, anti-inflammatory, protects the skin
Amino Acid Complex Moisturising, hydrating, maintains skins hydrolipidic level
Home care: Apply a layer to a clean bare skin in the evening, apply to the face and neck, and massage until absorbed. Can also be used as a day cream for very dehydrated skins.
Salon care: Can be used to massage hands and feet.
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