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Fibrotal Serum

Fibrotal Serum

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An intense anti-ageing lifting complex that has an immediate effect on fatigued skin. A booster supplement to improve skin firmness and tone. It will assist in the rapid reduction of the appearance of fine lines.

 Recommended Intensive, anti-aging, lifting complex
 Action - An intense treatment for damaged, tired, dehydrated and dull skin
- Rehydrates and stimulates, firms, refines texture and plumps the skin
Aloe Vera Hydrating, soothing
Caviar extracts Hydrating properties, enables water retention the epidermis
D-Panthenal Calming
B Glucans Revitalising
Amino acid complex Moisturising, hydrating, maintains skins hydrolipidic level
Vitamin E & A Anti-oxidant, encourages healing
Allantoin Promotes cell-regeneration, soothing, calming, protective
Ginseng Extract Stimulating, toning, revitalising, and anti-aging.
Horsetail extract Influences the synthesis of collagen and elastin, it contains silicium which maintains the manageability and elasticity of the skin
Pseudo Collagen Moisturising
Gingko Anti-oxidative, strengthens, stimulates, healing
Hydroxyproline A triple firming action protects and reinforces skin structure. Remodels, moisturises, reduces lines, smooths, rejuvenates and restores tone. Stimulates collagen & elastin. More effective than Vitamin C.
Home care: Apply a layer to clean bare skin, morning and evening. Lightly massage the skin. Excellent make up base
Salon care: Excellent facial massage cream
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