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Fibrotal Cream 1 a new Dynamique in skin care

Fibrotal Cream 1 a new Dynamique in skin care

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Puts a new face on you; with a combination of stable retinol complex amino acid complex, peptides and anti oxidant complex in a light highly penertrating cream which helps create a smoother texture and visually diminishing of fine lines and wrinkles; by promoting the renewal of skin cells, enlivening and hydrating your complexion.
This very active formula reveals a younger looking skin in just a few weeks.


 Recommended Multiple action, cell renewal, firming, anti-aging treatment cream for mature & dry and oily skins. Sun damaged, acne effected.
 Action - Strong, stimulating, firming effect. Assists in the recovery from acne scarring and Sun damage.Assists in visibly reducing lines and wrinkles
- Improves complexion. Skin becomes soft and smooth and firmer.
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
Hazelnut Oil Natural moisturiser and softener, rich in vitamins
Eavening Primrose Oil Moisturising
Vitamin A retinol Cellular recovery active Anti-oxidant, encourages cellular renewal and healing
Caviar extracts Restorative, hydrates, conditioning
Calendula Extract Healing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, regulates excess sebum
Amino Acid Complex Moisturising, hydrating, maintains skins hydrolipidic level
Hydroxyproline peptides a A triple firming action, protects and reinforces skin structure.Together with E tocopherols Remodels, moisturises, reduces lines, smooths, rejuvenates and restores tone. Stimulates collagen marix.
Beta Glucan and aloe. Moisturising, conditioning
Rose Extract Aromatic, moisturising, stimulating, firming, toning, soothing, controls excess sebum
Home care: Apply a very thin layer to clean bare skin,at night. Lightly massage into the skin. Can be used for face, neck and décolletage area. Can also be on the back of hands.
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