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Dynamique active restoration (Puts a new face on you)

Dynamique active restoration (Puts a new face on you)

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Put a new face on you with Active restoration.
The combination of stable retinol complex, amino acid complex and peptides and anti oxidant complex in a light highly penetrating cream helps create a smoother texture and visually diminishing of fine lines and wrinkles, by promoting the renewal of skin cells and the stimulation of the collagen/elastin matrix enlivening your complexion.This very active formula reveals a younger looking skin in just a few weeks.


 Recommended for all skins that show signs of age ,enviromental damage, as an alternative to other resurfacing treatments and as a precursor to the use of Fibrotal 1
 Action Used as recommended will reveal younger smoother, firmer looking skin, by promotion of the active collagen/elastin matrix and the stimulus of skin cell renewal at a dermal level.
  alizes amino acid complex, stable retinol complex.Dual peptide complex, anti oxidant complex, light moisturising emulsion.
Home care: use at night, and apply cream Dynamique during the day. please refer to product leaflet.
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