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Corrective Oil Control Lotion

Corrective Oil Control Lotion

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A high-tech synergy of highly concentrated AHA’s and BHA’s. Speedy cell renewal combined with botanical ingredients that will assist in normalising oily and acne prone skin. It will also suit other skin conditions such as sun damaged skins to refine, revitalise and retexture. Smooths away fine dry skin lines. Skin will take upon an instant glow and luminosity.


 Recommended For oily and congested and acne prone
 Action - Normalises sebum levels
- Increases cell renewal
- Assists in controlling problem break outs
- Softens skin texture and brightens the complexion
Willow Bark Extract Assists in the structural development of the skin
Bearberry Extract Clears, and frees the skin of oil imperfections. Restores the skins balance and controls sebum levels
Bilberry Extract (Lactic acid) Astringent, moisturiser
Sugarcane & Sugar Maple Extract (Glycolic acid) Assists in cell renewal
Lemon Extract (Citric acid) Inhibits bacteria for ultra clean skin.
Hawthornand Willow Bark Extract Anti Bacterial
Home care: Apply a layer to clean, bare skin in the evening.
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