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Complexion Lotion NA

A two-phase treatment lotion formulated with plant extracts that hydrates, refreshes and balances the skin. With regular use, it will assist in evening out the complexion, reducing age spots; creating a brighter and more radiant skin.
Size : 150ml / Price : $ 120.00

RecommendedFor aged, blotchy skins
Action- Assists in the reduction of age spots and skin blemishes
- Lightens the complexion
Kojic acid Inhibits tyrosinase activity. Reduces melanin synthesis
Lactic acid Influences cell renewal and contributes to melanin degradation
Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extract Soothing properties
Lemon extract Inhibits bacteria for ultra clean skin, hydrating, moisturising, clarifying, reduces enlarged pores
Bearberry extract Astringent, antiseptic and lightening active
UVA & UVB filters Helps protect against ultraviolet light
Home care:Apply lotion to clean, bare skin. Apply to all areas of the face and body, every morning and/or evening.