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Eye Make Up Remover.

A gentle, thorough, oil-free plant extracts formula that dissolves eye make up and loosens, and lifts stubborn waterproof mascara. Cucumber and Corn flower extracts decongests the sensitive eye area reducing puffy areas under the eye, leaving a refreshing after effect.
Size : 150ml / Price : $ 39.50

RecommendedAll skin types
Action- Quickly and gently removes make up without irritation
- Refreshes the eye contour area
- Decongests and calms
- Reduces puffiness
- Leaves a refreshing after effect
Floral water of Chamomile Soothing
Cucumber Extract Moisturising, softening, cleansing, decongestive, stimulates circulation
Almond Oil Moisturises, softens
Cornflower Extract Decongestive, soothing, anti-inflammatory, regulates excess sebum
Rose Extract Aromatic, moisturising, stimulating, firming, toning, soothing, controls excess sebum
Lime Blossom Extract Calming, soothing agent, anti-inflammatory, protects the skin
Home care:Apply to cotton pad, hold to eye area, use light circular motions to completely remove all make up.
Salon care:Commence all treatments with the Eye Make Up Remover.