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Sental Balancing Mask

Two mask in one for dual effectiveness. It provides deep relaxation to calm and sooth the skin. It also decongests,
Size : 50ml / Price : $ 51.00

RecommendedFor normal to sensitive skins
Action- Intensive treatment of blotchy skin
- Regulates the skins blood circulation
- Renders elasticity to blood vessels and reduces blotchiness
- Decongests, refreshes.
A Bisabolo Reduces inflammation, soothing, healing, protective
Menthol Stimulating, reduces rashes, regulating, soothing, astringent, refreshing
Camphor Antiseptic, disinfectant
Veegum Clay
Kaolin Clay
Bentonite Clay
Home care:Apply a thick layer of mask to face and neck, after toning. Leave for 15 minutes, then rinse. Use once to twice a week.
Salon care:Mask can be mixed with any treatment cream or serum for enhanced performance.