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Sental Gel

A rescue remedy product that can treat and calm irritated skin.
The Vitamin B complex incorporated in the gel will assist skin repair. Your skin will be left feeling cool, hydrated and refreshed.
Size : 50ml / Price : $ 58.00

RecommendedFor normal to sensitive skins
Action- Helps inhibit bacterial growth
- Softens and decongests
- Diminishes blotchiness
- Cools, hydrates and conditions
- Restores the complexions glow
Cucumber Extract Moisturising, softening, cleansing, decongestive, stimulates circulation
Witch Hazel Extract Disinfectant, slightly astringent, anti-inflammatory, healing, stimulating, skin tightening, toning, controls excess sebum
A Bisabolo Reduces inflammation, soothing, healing, protective
Vitamin B Complex Soothing, protective, increases moisturising action, assists in skin repair
Home care:Apply a thin layer to a clean, bare face and neck. Lightly massage. Can be applied under Sental Balancing Mask. Can be applied as a mask. Can also be used as an aftershave gel.
Salon care:Post electrolysis, pre & post diathermy, pre-diathermy (use 2 x day for 5 days), post waxing.