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Sental Reducing Night Cream

The skin can relax at last. This soothing balm is the perfect treatment for all sensitive skins. A treatment that corrects dry skin, redness and helps stimulates cell regeneration , calming and soothing. A multi-purpose cream that helps treat the the discomfort from the effects of , rashes, sunburn, and other skin irritations.
Size : 50ml / Price : $ 80.00

RecommendedFor normal, dry and sensitive skins.
Action- Nourishes and softens the skin
- Reduces blotchiness and inflammation of the skin
- Calms tender & sore areas reducing the effects of minor insect - bites rashes & sunburn
- Helps stimulate greater cell regeneration
Hazelnut Oil Natural moisturiser and softener, rich in vitamins
St Johns Wort Oil Regenerative, moisturising, anti-aging, protective, soothing
Lime Blossom Extract Calming, soothing agent, anti-inflammatory, protects the skin
A Bisabolo Reduces inflammation, soothing, healing, protective
Rose Extract Aromatic, moisturising, stimulating, firming, toning, soothing, controls excess sebum
Amino acid complex moisturising, hydrating, maintains skins hydrolopidic levels
Vitamin E&A Anti oxidants assist in cellular repair and protection
Home care:Apply a thin layer to a clean bare skin & massage into face & neck at night.
Salon care:Fantastic for facial massage. E.g mix with Fibrotal Cream: 1/3 Fibrotal Cream, 2/3 Sental Reducing Night Cream.