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Rebalancing Treatment

Treatment Duration
50 to 60 minutes
Every 4 to 6 weeks
  1. Cleanse with Sental Cleanser
  2. Apply Eye Make-up Remover
  3. Deep cleanse with Cleansing Mousse, remove with sponges and warm water.
  4. Alternatively mix 2/3Peeling Cream with 1/3 Cleansing Mousse and steam for 5 minutes for a more intense treatment
  5. Remove with sponges and warm water
  6. . Now is the time to do any extractions
  7. Apply Sental Lotion
  8. Apply the Sental Mask:-
    - for oily skin mix mask with 1/3 Sental Gel, remove with Sental Lotion after 20 minutes
    - for dry skin mix 1/3 Hydratal Mask with Hydratal/Fibrotal Gel, remove with Hydratal Lotion after 20 minutes
    - additionally a gauze overlay can be placed over mask (a thicker layer of mask should be applied when using gauze)
  9. Apply Corrective Skin Gel with positive current for approximately 5 minutes and remove residue
  10. Finish with 1ml of Hydratal Serum and then a light layer of either Hydratal or Sental Cream

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