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Environmental Defence Facial Treatment

Treatment Duration
1 hour
Every 4 weeks or course of 4 over 8 weeks
  1. Cleanse face, neck and d?olletage with Sental Cleanser
  2. Remove eye and lip makeup with aliz?Eye Makeup Remover
  3. Apply Sental Lotion over entire area with cotton wool
  4. Take approx. 1/3 Peeling Cream, 2/3 Cleansing Mousse, emulsify with Hydratal Lotion and massage gently over entire area Options:
    - Sensitive/Blotchy/Coupe rose Skin Conditions - use Cleansing Mousse only, emulsified with Sental Lotion
    - Dull/Devitalised/Thick Skin Conditions - use ?Peeling Cream,
    - ?Cleansing Mousse applied gently with brush & emulsified with
    - Hydratal Lotion
    - Congested/Oily Skin Conditions - use ?Peeling Cream, ?Cleansing
    - Mousse & massage under steam, leave for 5-8 minutes
  5. Mix 2-3 pumps Hydratal Serum with Fibrotal 1 for massage over face, neck, d?olletage, trapezius etc. Mix Protective Day Cream with Intensive Eye Contour Cream/Gel for gently massage around eye and lip area.
  6. Apply Sental Lotion to cotton wool and wipe over skin to remove excess.
  7. Shake Sental Serum AND apply to entire area, leave for approximately 1 minute, then apply Hydratal Mask over the top. (Only a fine film is required)
  8. To Finish: Apply small amount (1-2 pumps) Hydratal Serum and leave for 30 seconds, before applying Protective Day Cream

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