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Dull, Sluggish & Lifeless Skin Treatment

Treatment Duration
1 hour
Intensive course of 5 over 10 weeks or at 4-5 weekly intervals throughout the year
  1. Cleanse with Sental Cleanser
  2. Apply Eye Make-up Remover
  3. Mix and apply ?Cleansing Mousse and ?Peeling Cream, a soft facial brush can be used. Remove with sponges/compresses and warm water
  4. Apply Sental Lotion
  5. Mix and massage the face with a combination of 2ml Sental Serum plus Sental Night Reducing Cream
  6. High frequency may now be applied (optional)
  7. Remove balance with Sental Lotion and cotton wool
  8. Mix and apply a mask, utilising ?Sental Mask, ?Hydratal Mask
  9. Remove mask after 20 minutes
  10. Clean and balance skin with Hydratal Lotion
  11. Apply 1ml of Hydratal Serum over the whole face
  12. Complete treatment with an application of Protective Day Cream and Intensive Eye Contour Cream Gel

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