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Intense Hydration Treatment

Treatment Duration
1 hour
  1. Cleanse with Hydratal Cleanser
  2. Apply Eye Make-up Remover
  3. Apply Hydratal Lotion
  4. Deep cleanse with 1/3 Cleansing Mousse and 2/3 Peeling Cream combination using a facial brush and Hydratal Lotion
  5. Remove with sponges and warm/tepid water
  6. You can now do any extractions
  7. Apply High Frequency (optional)
  8. Massage with vapour using 2ml Hydratal Serum and Hydratal Nourishing Night Cream.
  9. Switch off vapour after 5 minutes and continue massage 3-4 minutes
  10. Apply Hydratal Mask
  11. If you have paraffin wax, you can apply 5-6 layers over gauze to further enhance the treatment
  12. Remove mask after 20 minutes
  13. Apply Hydratal Lotion to cleanse and balance the skin
  14. Complete treatment with an application of Hydratal Cream

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